Managing IFRS 16 and assisting you throughout the transition

LEASE 16® is a tool designed and developed specifically to manage the requirements of IFRS 16.

LEASE 16® gives you control over the whole management process, from generating simulations of the various permitted transition approaches, to interfacing with accounting and analytical tools used in consolidation.

LEASE 16®, optimiser le suivi de vos contrats de location


The platform is designed with the user experience in mind, enabling you to quickly master its full range of functionality.


LEASE 16® gives you control over all analytical dimensions and even allows you to build a personalized dashboard.


Our data hosting partner is a leading firm with outstanding security controls.


Personalized configuration

LEASE 16® can be configured to suit your accounting and analytical needs


Data integration

There are three options for inputting data :

  • Manual input
  • Bulk upload
  • Interfacing with other systems


Calculations and generation of accounting entries

  • Calculations and simulations
  • Generation of accounting entries and interfacing with other systems



Data retrieval can take two forms :

  • Standard retrieval
  • Personalized retrieval

Multiple languages, multiple devices

LEASE 16® is available in English and French, and the currency can be modified for each entity.

SaaS mode

Authorized users can access LEASE 16® remotely from any location.


LEASE 16® can be used to manage tens of thousands of contracts and is suited to any size of group or number of users.

LEASE 16® was developed by Consomind in collaboration with Mazars

Olivier Thireau

Olivier Thireau, Mazars Partner

"We worked together with Consomind to develop a made-to-measure solution that would both carry out simulations and generate accounting entries. This adaptable, flexible tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients."

Jean-Philippe Lecommandoux

Jean-Philippe Lecommandoux, Consomind Partner

"Mazars contributed to the expertise of its chartered accountants in managing complex issues relating to IFRS 16, in addition to providing a full audit of the information system."

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